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Current State Of Medical Education In India: A Perspective

  Nilesh Chandra, Mohit Mehndiratta, Seema Garg, Dinesh Puri


Correlation Of Protein Carbonyl And Protein Thiols In Oxidative Stress Induced Senescence Of Rbc Membrane In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

  Veerabhadra Goud Goudar

Serum High Sensitivity-c-reactive Protein And Hs-crp /albumin Ratio In Workers Exposed To Pb From Lead- Battery Manufacturing Process.

  Ravibabu Kalahasthi, Tapu Barman

Evaluation Of Oxidative Stress And Stress Induced Serum Protein Changes In Psoriasis

  Ashok Vanangamudi, Divya Ramanathan

Study Of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor ? (ppar?) Pro12ala Polymorphism In Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (pcos)

  Monika Garg, Anju Jain, Binita Goswami, Manju Puri

A Comparative Study In Assessing The Usefulness Of Serum Cholinesterase, High Sensitivity C-reactive Protein With Liver Function Tests In Alcoholic Liver Disease

  Hemantha Kumara D S, Muralidhara Krishna C.s., H.l. Vishwanath

“correlation Of Serum Cholinesterase With Lipid Indices In Type2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients In Mcgann Teaching Hospital, Shivamogga. "

  Hemantha Kumara D S, Gurupadappa K

A Study Comparing Values Of Serum Potassium Estimated By Colorimetric Kit Method With Those Obtained By Direct And Indirect Ion Selective Electrode Methods

  Kusuma Ks, Vanitha Gowda M N, Vasudha Kc, Radhika K

Evaluation Of Serum Electrolytes In Sickle Cell Disease Patietns With Respect To Hydroxyurea Therapy

  Debapriya Rath, Damini Singh Tomar, Prafulla Kumar Khodiar, Pradeep Kumar Patra

Assessment Of Inflammatory Markers In Pre-eclampsia

  Prerna Bansal, Bhavita Patel, Anupam Kumar Bansal, Ivala Anand Shaker, G .g. Kaushik


Biclonal Gammopathy Of Iga Kappa Variant: A Case Report

  Anurag Yadav, Ramlinga Reddy, Malathi Mala

Case Reports On Silent Gall Bladder Stone Associated With Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease In A Scenario Of Insulin Resistance In Young Adults

  Samarpita Mukherjee, Arup Kumar Banerjee, Swati Bhattacharyya, Shubhrajit Saha


Evaluation Of Therapeutic Efficacy Of Antioxidants In Psoriatic Cases

  Madhu Latha Manchikanti, Vijay Bhaskar Madrol, Sushma Latha Banoth

Decreased Level Of Nitric Oxide In Preeclamptic Pregnancy; A Relationship With Pon1 Arylesterase Activity.

  Swati Digambar Sawant, Mukund Ramchandra Mogrekar, Mohit Rojekar

Role Of Cyfra21-1as Aprognostic Factor In Breast Cancer Patients

  Hany Mohamed Mehany

Sox17 And Rassaf1a Promoters Methylation In Circulation Tumor Cell And Cell Free Dna Isolated From Plasma In Breast Cancer

  Sundus Hamzah, Ferdous Jabir

Effect Of Haemodialysis On Trace Elements In Renal Failure Patients.

  Priya Anusha Dsouza, Ramlinga Reddy, Anurag Yadav, Malathi Mala

Serum Ferritin Levels In Patients Of Chronic Kidney Disease (ckd) On Hemodialysis : A Need To Redefine Cut Off For Iron/erythropoetrin Therapy.

  Meghana K Padwal, Annapurna V Raichurkar, Rajani R Melinkeri

Assessment Of Serum Homocysteine And Oxidative Stress In Vitiligo Patients

  Madhu Latha Manchikanti, Christy Pradeep Raj Dasari, Sushma Latha Banoth

Stability Of Common Biochemical Analytes In Serum When Subjected To Changes In Storage Conditions And Temperature

  Kughapriya Palaniappan, Elanchezhian J.a

Comparison Of Gamma Glutamyl Transferase And Troponin-i Levels In Patients Presenting With Acute Coronary Syndrome

  Sujesh Kumar. N, Sajitha Krishnan

Serum Sodium And Potassium Levels In Pre Eclampsia - A Clinical Study

  Mrinal Gupta, Navanil Roy

Antenatal Detection Of Hemoglobinopathies Using Rbc Indices For Screening.

  Sukanya Singh, Lalna Rajendra Takale, Mona Tilak

Serum Liver And Pancreatic Enzymes In Chronic Kidney Disease With And Without End Stage Renal Disease -a Comparative Study.

  Manju M, Suryapriya Rajendran, Sasmita Mishra, Pavithra M

Circulating Mir-1 Levels In Acute Myocardial Infarction And Its Significance In Differential Diagnosis And Prognosis

  Ramesh Ramasamy, Kuzhandai Velu Vengatapthy, Mohammad Hanifah, Lenin M